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high intensity electromagnetic field pain relief

Introducing the latest innovation in chiropractic therapeutics - the BTL Super Inductive System (SIS). The Super Inductive System employs the therapeutic benefits of a high-intensity electromagnetic field to treat painful musculoskeletal and neurological disorders.

Super Inductive System Mechanism

repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation

The BTL Super Inductive System is a high-tech system with one-of-a-kind features. The therapy is based on the interaction between the human body and a high-intensity electromagnetic field.

A coil within the applicator creates an electromagnetic field that positively influences the human body, causing depolarisation of neuromuscular tissue and muscle contraction. Based on the selected stimulation frequency and electromagnetic field intensity, the Super Inductive System can help relieve pain, support fracture healing process, release joint blockage, relax or strengthen muscles.

Furthermore, the ingenious applicator construction allows smooth therapy-delivering to human tissue without direct skin contact for the patient and therapist's complete comfort.

The applicator also features a revolutionary coil cooling mechanism, allowing for unparalleled cooldown efficiency even when set to the highest possible load on the device. This provides the potential for longer therapeutic periods and smooth chiropractic sessions with no interruptions.

Data-backed Approach to Pain Relief

The Super Inductive System pain management solution is based on three different neurophysiological pain control theories. The Super Inductive System's wide frequency spectrum ensures that it can be used in all stages of painful conditions.

Endogenous Opioid Theory of Pain

Humans naturally produce endorphins, which are endogenous opioids that are spontaneously released in reaction to pain. The Super Inductive System stimulates nerve endings using frequencies ranging from 2 to 10 Hz, prompting the production and release of analgesic opioids for pain relief.

Thus, it has been observed that SIS therapy leads to immediate relief for chronic conditions such as back pain or neck pain.

Gate Control Theory of Pain

Your brain receives pain signals via nerve fibres and the 'spinal gate'. Small-diameter nerve fibres open the spinal gate and input pain. The fibres end in a large diameter, where the pain signal outputs through to reach the brain. The large-diameter nerve fibres can be stimulated to close the spinal gate, preventing pain from travelling to the central nervous system.

The Super Inductive System stimulates the treated area at frequencies between 60 and 100 Hz and is particularly helpful for acute musculoskeletal pain management.

Peripheral Pattern Theory of Pain

Pain is transmitted to the brain as coded information via the peripheral nervous system, where it is decoded and processed. When the Super Inductive System stimulates painful conditions with high 120–140 Hz frequencies, the coded information is not interpreted as pain.

Thus, the SIS uses a triple combination, of sorts, to help patients with their pain relief and allow them to start other rehabilitative therapy sooner than they could otherwise.

Benefits of Super Inductive System

pain control theories

There is a range of healing effects stemming from the repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation of the BLT Super Inductive System, including but not limited to:

pain relief joint skeletal system

Joint Mobilisation

Joint mobilisation is a gentle repetitive movement to relieve blockage or adhesions in the joints of the skeletal system. This may be in the spine or other joints as well.

perfect treatment human tissue


The BLT Super Inductive System can be utilised to prevent muscle tissue deterioration and maintain or strengthen muscles.

pain reduction

Fracture Healing

The healing process of the fractures usually takes about six weeks. During this period, it is desirable to boost blood circulation, which will support fracture healing process by enhancing the formation of the new bone.

neuromuscular and joint skeletal

Spasticity Reduction

A combination of relaxation and consequent stimulation of affected muscle groups is desirable to decrease spasticity related to musculoskeletal and neurological disorders.

Indications for Super Inductive System

btl super inductive systemIn conjunction with the utilisation of various therapeutic modalities according to our Functional Correctional Method (FCM), SIS can be used to efficiently treat conditions such as:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Slipped Disc
  • Patellar Tendinopathy
  • and Many Others...




Super Inductive System: The Perfect Treatment for Immediate Relief

You can enjoy the therapeutic effects of the innovative Super Inductive System right here at Elite Spine Centres.

Our chiropractors have more than two decades of combined chiropractic expertise in treating a wide range of ailments and illnesses. The holistic delivery of our signature Functional Correction Method (FCM) chiropractic ensures that we tackle your problem at its root cause, preventing relapse.

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