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Your One-Stop Chiropractor in Singapore

Is pain keeping you from living life to the fullest?

Elite Spine Centres features a professional chiropractic team with a wide range of treatment options and lifestyle advice to return your body to its optimal health.

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Pain Solutions in Singapore.

Pain Solutions in Singapore

Did you know that over 80% of Singaporeans will experience neck pain or back pain in their lifetime?

In Singapore, posture problems are becoming all too common, especially amongst working adults. This can be attributed to several factors like your occupation, lifestyle habits, long hours of sedentary work, poor sleeping positions, and more. These aches and pains must be familiar to you by now. It may even feel like just a 'normal' part of life.

That's not the case - the normal amount of pain that you feel should be zero!

The human body is designed to move; thus long periods of sitting in place can deteriorate your spinal health. Your spine may shift out of its normal position or start to move incorrectly, leading to back pain, neck stiffness, strain on the nervous system, muscle imbalances and the like. If you're an office worker, you may be at a higher risk for the onset of chronic neck pain and low back pain.

Furthermore, delaying proper treatment of your body pains can result in the development of scar tissue, loss of mobility and even permanent damage in some cases.

But don't be alarmed!

The solution to your misery is right here, only a call away. Before we begin treatment with any patient, they would have a detailed spinal examination with one of our doctors to check for neuromuscular disorders, improper posture, degenerative issues, and many others. Only then will we recommend and provide treatment catered specifically to you.

Elite Spine Centres is a leading chiropractic clinic that provides quality alternative treatments and outpatient services. Our holistic chiropractic care is an effective, proven way to improve your symptoms and restore your health to the way it should be.

Wondering how we do it?

Keep on reading to find out about Elite Spine's groundbreaking chiropractic services in Singapore!

Benefits of Elite Spine Centre's Chiropractic Treatment

Benefits of Elite Spite Centre's Chiropractic Treatment

Proven and Effective Drug-Free Treatment

Our chiropractors employ a variety of proven chiropractic techniques to restore the normal function of your musculoskeletal system. Removing interference in your body's normal mechanics and posture allows your body to do what it was designed to do more effectively, that is, to repair and regulate itself, allowing you to feel better and achieve proper health.

At Elite Spine Centres, we eliminate this dysfunction and pain without having to resort to painkillers.

Dealing with Pain Straight From the Source

Did you know that chiropractic care can do more for you than pain management alone?

After just one treatment session with Elite Spine, many patients already report a significant amount of pain relief. However, to reap the full benefits of our signature Functional Correction Method (FCM), you'll need to adhere to your entire treatment plan, not just the first chiropractic adjustment.

FCM is a full-body therapeutic approach designed to tackle conditions right at the source by:

  • improving the functioning of different systems in the body
  • restoring proper biomechanics of the spine and body joints
  • providing soft tissue therapy to facilitate proper function and improved health.

Inexpensive and Low-Risk

The traditional remedies to chronic pain or specific acute conditions may present as too costly or high risk. Our treatment plans are relatively low-risk and affordable, with the bonus of eliminating your problem once and for all.

Let our chiropractors' healing hands fix the misalignments in your body without expensive, invasive surgeries!

Customised Treatment Based on Your Needs

Our licensed chiropractors at Elite Spine Centres possess broad experience that allows us to treat virtually any issue you may face, from shoulder pain or back pain, to sports injuries and many others. Our chiropractors have also encountered a variety of demographics, with previous patients consisting of professional athletes, office workers, the elderly, children and more!

This impressive combination of expertise allows Elite Spine to identify the types of modalities needed to treat a specific individual's condition. For example, during chiropractic sessions, this may range from spinal manipulation to functional rehabilitation.

Book an appointment with us now to experience the benefits for yourself!

Chiropractic Singapore
- About Us

Elite Spine Centres is a unique chiropractic clinic founded by Dr Michael Bryant (Chiropractic, USA). As an experienced chiropractor with a broad, multidisciplinary background, Dr Bryant advanced the chiropractic industry in Singapore with his innovative Functional Correction Method (FCM).

This approach allows us to provide treatment explicitly catered for meeting your health goals by combining chiropractic techniques, soft tissue therapies and functional rehabilitation, combined with relevant lifestyle modification advice.

Furthermore, we understand that chiropractic is still a less-understood discipline in Singaporean society. That's why we make it a point to provide accurate and easy-to-understand information about chiropractic concepts and common health issues. Many of our chiropractic patients come in unaware that the range of problems they're suffering from often stems from spinal misalignment and poor biomechanics and nervous system function.

So, if you're looking for Singapore pain solutions that address the root cause in addition to relieving symptoms, you've come to the right place!

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Guide to Chiropractor Singapore

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic encompasses more than just the 'cracking' realignment strategies frequently seen on social media. Instead, it is a system of understanding and analysing the human body which combines modern science, philosophy, and the skilful art of therapeutic application. Some may typically consider chiropractic to be 'alternative medicine', but we strongly feel that prudent and thoughtful correction and maintenance of our spine throughout our lives is essential for optimum health. As more people turn away from drugs and surgery, and look for intelligent ways to improve their health, we know that our system of care will become more and more 'mainstream.'

Chiropractic is a type of conservative treatment system that helps many patients deal with neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and much more. That means no medication nor any invasive procedures.

At Elite Spine Centres, our chiropractic concepts consider the body as an interconnected functional unit. A fundamental understanding is that poor functioning in one area of the body often leads to adverse effects elsewhere. In short, the body moves as a kinetic chain. Weak links in the chain can create dysfunction and pain in other areas which may be compensating for the root problem.

For example, perhaps knee pain prompts you into seeking help. Some healthcare professionals might treat your knee pain by only looking at the knee joint. So long that you're relieved of pain (even temporarily), they may stop their treatments or recommendations there. The downside to this form of antiquated treatment is that it doesn't recognise that the pain is not the real problem, but rather a symptom of the problem...which is often poorly functioning mechanics of multiple areas and tissues. The actual problem may lie in a lifestyle habit or cascade effect from a different body area. Without addressing the actual source, you're often doomed to suffer from chronic or recurring pains and symptoms over time.

So how do we get rid of your recurring pains once and for all?

Elite Spine Centres' team of specially-trained chiropractors expertly detect and remove areas of poor biomechanics in the spine using customised chiropractic adjustment techniques. By tackling the root causes of your pain, any resulting interference in the normal function of the nervous system will be eliminated!

Following that, your Elite Spine chiropractor will provide more therapies as needed, along with lifestyle advice that specifically targets certain areas.

With our healing hands and holistic care, your body will be back to a blissful pain-free state!

What are the risks involved in chiropractic treatment?

While traditional manual chiropractic adjustments may appear daunting and dangerous to first-timers, it has been proven as a safe and effective treatment for pain and many other conditions over the past decades. Don't worry, our expert doctors will deliver customised chiropractic care and lifestyle advice which suits your needs and preferences.

As with any other forms of treatment, chiropractic is not one size fits all. Certain medical conditions can potentially increase the risk of an adverse event from spinal adjustments or other chiropractic manipulation.

Patients who have the following health conditions should keep their chiropractor informed:

  • Cancer in the spine
  • Increased risk factors or history of stroke
  • Advanced osteoporosis
  • Bone abnormalities that require surgery
  • Other medical contraindications

Additionally, all patients will receive a thorough physical examination with our chiropractors before deciding on any treatments!

We also take your health history into account to ensure every potential factor is screened. Thus, it's best to come prepared to our chiropractic clinic with medical or health reports and scans (X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, etc.). A detailed health profile also allows our chiropractors to treat your current problems safely while customising a long-term plan that maintains the positive outcomes of a chiropractic session.

What is the cost of chiropractic Singapore?

The initial consultation prices for chiropractors in Singapore has a range as wide as S$30-300. In addition, specific chiropractic clinics may charge extra for additional treatment and therapies as you progress.

Payment structures differ across each clinic, and prices for chiropractic adjustments may be purchased as a service package or charged individually.

Interested to find out what chiropractic can do for you? Not sure where to begin?

Elite Spine Centres is offering an attractive promotional package for first-time clients!

This deal includes:

  • detailed history and exam of your body
  • professional consultation for pain relief
  • chiropractic adjustments as needed
  • chiropractic therapies that loosen muscle knots and repair scar tissue

This promotional package (worth S$388) is available to all first-time clients at the fantastic price of S$118!

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to secure this all-in-one deal!

What should I look for in a chiropractor?

It is essential to realise that not every chiropractic clinic in Singapore operates the same way or can solve the same problems. Different chiropractors offer different services according to their educational background, clinic set-up and areas of expertise. Additionally, the quality of care can vary from clinic to clinic. So having 'tried chiropractic' once, or even a few times, may not indicate you've really received a proper education on the range of care that it can encompass.

To avoid feeling disappoint or potentially waste time and money, here are some tips to take note of before booking a chiropractic consultation.

Registered Doctors of Chiropractic

Make sure that any doctor of chiropractic you consult are registered members of respected chiropractic associations such as Alliance of Chiropractic (AOC) Singapore, General Chiropractic Council (GCC) UK, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and so on.

Read Up on Reviews

Online reviews provide honest, organic feedback about chiropractors in Singapore. While these reviews help us improve, more importantly, they allow future clients to make informed decisions.

Check out our Facebook page and Google reviews to see what our clients say about their chiropractic visits!

Variety of Techniques and Treatments

A good chiropractic clinic provides a wide range of treatments for patients to achieve the best results. Some patients with back pain, for example, may need to combine chiropractic adjustments with muscle therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and other lifestyle changes to achieve their health goals.

Our multiple treatment options and experienced team of chiropractors ensure our patients have the best chance of recovery and achieving optimum health in Singapore!

Reasons to See a Chiropractor

The most common reasons an individual seeks chiropractic care is to treat certain conditions, prevent future strain on the body, and get a second opinion.

Neck & Back Pain
Neck and back pain are the most common reasons to visit a chiropractor.
Frozen Shoulder
Adhesive capsulitis can be complex and painful. Let us fix your frozen shoulder today with minimal pain and fast results!
Degenerative & Painful Joints
As we age, one of the most common afflictions we face is osteoarthritis. However, prevention is possible with our chiropractic care and rehabilitation advice.
Poor Posture
Poor posture is a growing problem and can lead to many health issues. With our FCM, we correct signs of poor posture and tailor lifestyle regimens to ensure lasting results.
Tingling & Numbness
Numbness, tingling, burning or weakness in your limbs could be signs of severe nerve pressure.
Headaches and Migraines
Recurring headaches are often triggered by problems in the cervical spine and nerves. A chiropractor is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of headaches once and for all!
Infant Colic & Ear Infections
Subtle and gentle corrections to a child's spine can often correct these issues.
Accidents & Injuries
Proper treatment and chiropractic care after an injury reduce the chances of long term complications and pain.
Slipped Disc
Also known as a herniated or bulging disc, we have effective non-surgical solutions for this common and often debilitating problem.
This condition is defined by back pain that travels down into the buttocks or legs. Our skilled chiropractors have the expertise needed to get rid of your pain!
Digestive & Respiratory Issues
Undiscovered spine and nerve issues may contribute to respiratory and digestive problems. Get a full-body consultation with us today to catch health issues before they become a problem!
Second Opinion
A different perspective from our experts may help you avoid medication and surgery. Find out how our cost-effective treatments can help you.

In short, if you're searching for Singapore pain solutions or simply wanting to optimise your health and wellbeing, Elite Spine Centres is the smart choice!

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we look forward to getting you well, and teaching you how to stay that way!

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