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What to Expect

What to Expect at the Chiropractor

Heading to see us for the first time? Let us explain how our consultations and treatments work!

Consultation, Exam and First Treatment – 1st Visit

Before any treatment can be recommended and care given, we must first have a detailed understanding about each patient, their history and condition(s). When scheduling your initial consultation our staff will ask if you have had recent X-Rays, MRI, or other diagnostic tests done. If so, please bring them with you to your consultation so the doctor can determine if these are sufficient in order to evaluate your condition.

  1. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled consultation time in order to fill out paperwork about yourself and your concerns. If you need someone to help you fill in paperwork, please bring them along with you. If you do not have someone, our staff will kindly assist where possible.

  2. Once ready, our trained staff will first help to take down a detailed health history and information about your present concerns. This will be relayed to the doctor for review before you see him.

  3. The doctor will sit down with the patient, and family if accompanying, and ask for any more information which may have been left out or is relevant to the case. Translators will be available for Mandarin Chinese and Bahasa Melayu speakers, as well as some other Chinese dialects.

  4. Then a detailed examination of the spine and/or other areas of concern will be conducted to determine likely causes of your concerns.

  5. Once completed, many patients may be able to receive some form of treatment or therapy that same day. If safety concerns must be ruled out, then appropriate follow up x-rays or other tests may be sent for, before starting treatment.

  6. Before leaving, patients will typically schedule with our front desk for their follow up appointment.

Recommendations Conference – 2nd Visit

For this visit we strongly recommend that another close family member, spouse, children, etc. join the patient in order to better understand the patient’s condition and recommendations for care. This is especially true if the patient will need assistance arranging for transport to/from their future appointments, financial support or permission from someone else in order to begin care.

  1. Again, please arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled timing.

  2. The doctor will bring the patient and his/her family members back to review findings from the initial visit and go over any diagnostic films or tests which are relevant.

  3. A detailed explanation as to the cause of the concerns and details about the recommended Initial Plan of Care (IPC) will be given including expected length of time, frequency of visits, types of treatments and of course costs involved.

  4. Clarifications as to any questions will be given at this time, after which they are able to start on their follow up care.

  5. If time is not permitting, then the patient may book the next available convenient slot to begin their treatment schedule.

Treatment Visits – Subsequent

For regularly scheduled treatment visits we strongly recommend booking appointments, especially if any additional therapy equipment is to be used. Walk-ins will be accepted, but scheduled treatments will have priority.

  1. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment, especially if you are scheduled to use the decompression machines or other therapy equipment, as time slots may be fully booked. Those late for appointments may have to wait or in some cases not be allowed to use therapy equipment on that day depending on the available schedule. We thank you for your cooperation with being on time for your appointments.

  2. Lastly, enjoy yourself knowing that you are in good hands and on your way towards feeling and functioning better!


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