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Relieve pain, restore your body's natural function & avoid surgery with our Signature Functional Correction Method (FCM) (*U.P. $80)

Get spot-on analysis and professional advice on what's causing pain, and how to treat it with our Doctor's Consult + Examination (*U.P. $108)

Break down stubborn muscle knots and old scar tissue with or Doctor Directed Soft Tissue Mobilization (*U.P. $50)

Schedule your appointment right now & we'll EVEN throw in these bonuses for FREE, worth up to an additional $150!

Calm down & relax with our soothing pre-treatment therapy (ATT-300 Roller Bed Massage) (*U.P. $25)

Get a free Follow Up Consult + Xray / MRI Review (*T&C applies) (*U.P. $50)

PLUS 1 Additional Bonus Therapy (tailored specifically to you by Dr. Mike after your consult)
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Relieve pain & inflammation with our Radial Shockwave Therapy

Accelerate tissue healing and reduce pain with our Cold Laser Therapy

Strengthen injured muscles and ease muscle tension with our Electric Muscle Stimulation

*You get ALL of this for just $118, (originally priced @ $388).

“This is not a 5 minute adjustment you get with most other clinics. This is 1 hour long comprehensive consultation AND treament tailored specifically for you.”

Dr. Michael Bryant

Dr. Michael Bryant
Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

• Summa Cum Laude (with highest honours)
• Bachelor of Science - Cell and Molecular Biology/Pre-Medicine (honours programme)
• American National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) Certified
• International Chiropractic Honours Society
• Founder of Functional Correction Method (FCM) Chiropractic technique
• Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), extensive experience with patients of all ages and conditions



Dr. Michelle Tan

Dr. Michelle Tan
Doctor of Chiropractic (UK)

• Graduated from Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) & practiced for over 3 years
• Registered member of General Chiropractic Council (GCC) UK
• Registered member of International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) USA
• Webster Certified Practitioner
• Worked on professional athletes (MMA wrestlers!), singers, theatre actresses, office workers, to housewives (and househusbands) & elderly


Dr. Fraser Montgomery

Dr. Fraser Montgomery
Doctor of Chiropractic (NZ)

•  Graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic
• Diploma of Applied Sciences (Pre-Chiro) from the University of Canterbury (NZ)
• New Zealand Chiropractic Board registered
• Member of the Alliance of Chiropractic (SG) Association
• Years of experience treating a wide range of patients from athletes and office workers, to children and seniors.

Have Any Of These Conditions Been Bothering You?

back painBack Pain neck painNeck Pain & Stiffness whipslashWhiplash
slipped discSlipped Disc shoulder painShoulder Pain sports injurySports Injuries
back painSciatica migraineMigraines & Headaches poor sleepPoor Sleep
knee painKnee Pain poor posturePoor Posture low energyLow Energy
ankle painFoot/Ankle Pain scoliosisScoliosis NeuropathyPeripheral Neuropathy

What to Expect During the Treatment

step 1
Our Doctor of Chiropractic will review your symptoms and health history in detail to gain a better understanding of what may be causing your concerns.
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step 2
Physical examination of your problems and related areas will be performed to assess for proper bio-mechanics, possible injuries or safety concerns. Orthopaedic or neurological tests may also be performed if needed at this time.
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step 3
The doctor will assess your response to the first session and review any studies which may have been requested (X-ray, MRI, etc.). Based upon these, a customised plan of action will be discussed with you to help you reach your treatment goals.
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Many of our patients will be able to receive a treatment right away at their first appointment once cleared by the doctor! If further tests are required before being able to administer treatment, the doctor will advise you of your options.


At Elite Spine Centres we firmly believe in creating a low-stress, patient-centric environment. Your condition will be explained to you clearly, and customised treatment recommendations will be given based upon your needs. Our unique Functional Correction Method (FCM) and range of advanced therapeutic options often means our patients are able to achieve more complete recovery, and in a shorter amount of time, than at other centres!

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You will have a thorough case history and physical exam with the doctor to narrow down the likely causes of your concerns. Most of our patients will be able to receive treatment on their first session once any potential safety concerns have been ruled out.   Based upon your condition, some follow up studies (X-ray, MRI, etc.) may be requested, or in some cases are not necessary. Your follow up consultation date will be set to review with doctor and recommendations will be given at that time.

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The majority of our patients will not need to have X-rays in order to receive their first treatment. Depending on age, condition and other factors, X-rays may be recommended for some patients before the follow up consultation.

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At Elite Spine Centres, each patient’s treatment plan is highly customised to meet their condition and needs. We offer several different forms of treatment which can be performed individually or in combination with each other.   Thus, the number of sessions needed and cost per session will vary between different patients. Our friendly doctors and staff will explain to you in detail what is best for your condition and always give you options to choose what fits your needs. Rest assured, based upon the high level of personalised care we give compared to many other centres, our prices are very competitive in the Singapore market.

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It is important to understand that being under chiropractic management at our centre could involve a wide range of treatment options beyond the traditional manual manipulation (“cracking”) which some people associate with chiropractic.   Patients with decreased bone density are still able to undergo chiropractic care, although we will typically use more gentle, low-force techniques and therapies to address their concerns. In addition, certain rehabilitative exercises will be prescribed that not only help reduce their symptoms, but also may help to spur increased bone density as well. Thus, chiropractic care is a smart choice for these patients as well.

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Of course one of our goals is to help prevent patients from ending up needing to go for surgery. However, even for many that have already been under the knife, our comprehensive range of services at Elite Spine Centres can often help these patients find relief.   Depending on the type of surgery which was performed, and if any implants were left in the body, it may limit to some degree the techniques which may be performed on an area. However, mobilising associated joints and soft tissues and teaching proper exercise routines will often help these patients experience relief, even in cases where the surgery left them with residual issues. It is best to consult with one of our doctors to determine if chiropractic care may still benefit you.

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For patients that have experienced chiropractic services at other centres in Singapore or abroad, many of them felt that the treatments were not so customised to their condition and were very brief (average around 2-3 minutes with the doctor). Usually the treatments were primarily focused on just spine mobilisation or “cracking the joints”.   Often this treatment alone can be very beneficial for many people; however, at Elite Spine Centres we create a patient experience that is more customised and comprehensive than that seen in much of the industry.   Our director Dr. Michael Bryant developed FCM Chiropractic to not only address poor spinal alignment and joint mobility, but to also address soft-tissue problems often associated that can complicate these issues. During your chiropractic treatments at Elite Spine Centres your session with the doctor will usually last around 8-10 minutes and will address problems in your muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia along with the spine and other joints. We encourage you to come down and experience the difference for yourself!

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Terms & Conditions

*Pre-pay voucher valid for 2 months from date of purchase

*Those reserving via our promotion are allowed one reschedule if necessary. Please give as much notice as possible.

*If determined necessary after consult, cost of x-ray films is separate

*Follow up consultation (report of findings) with the promotion free of charge if completed within one month of initial consultation date.

*Price is not inclusive of GST for pay on-site appointment. Pre-paid special rate is at $88 nett for a limited time*


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